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Quality System

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ISO9001 certification is one of quality management system core standards included in ISO9000 standards. ISO9000 standards, put forward by ISO in 1994, are international standards established by ISO/Tc176 (International Standardization Organization and Quality Assurance Technical Committee). ISO 9001 establishes standards for quality management systems and total management systems, and helps organizations succeed through the improvement of customer satisfaction and promotion and continuous improvement of staff motivation.


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ISO/TS16949 certification is an industry quality system requirement promulgated by ISOTS16949 International Standardization Organization in March 2002. Its full name is “Quality Management System-Organization of Production Parts and Related Service Parts of the Automotive Industry ISO9001:2000 special requirements.


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EN15085 welding system certification established for railway vehicles and components by Europe is very popular in railway industry. Standard name: Railway applications-Welding of railway vehicles and components. EN15085 series standards, executed from April 2008 in Germany, have replaced original German DIN6700 series standards. With the development of national railway cause, export products of national railway relevant enterprises increase day by day, passing the certification of these standard systems is the necessary condition for the export of domestic railway vehicle and component enterprises to EU countries, and national railway vehicle main engine plants begin to ask suppliers to perform the certification of the standards.


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